Food pairing

For a Whisky lover there is no better way to spend an evening…or day (we’re not judging) sipping on a dram and enjoying the wonder that is whisky. Not only does whisky pair beautifully with food, but it is also sublime IN food.  Whisky is increasingly venturing out of the drinks cabinet and into the kitchen.

The spirit is the alcoholic equivalent of salt – it brings out the flavour of the sea in seafood, the smokiness of smoked food, and the sweetness in a dessert. This is all down to its peculiar chemistry. During cooking, evaporation of the alcohol concentrates the barley malt sweetness, smokiness, maturation oils and caramelised sugars from the oak casks. It add bite to a recipe.  Some people will regard cooking with the golden liquid as sacrilege. Admittedly you might think twice, given its price, before sloshing a particularly good whisky into the pot, the way you might with wine. But there are also plenty of people arguing in its favour.

We’ve rounded up some of the best whisky recipes, so you can get cooking with the golden nectar. Warning: Don’t read when hungry, we’re not responsible for what may happen if you do…


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