Product Shipping Policy

Deliveries will be dispatched from WhiskyRocks within 7 working days of order and payment processing. Receipt of delivery to purchaser’s address is dependent on purchaser’s proximity to Melbourne and may range from overnight to seven days.

WhiskyRocks will use all reasonable endeavours to deliver by any requested or agreed date, however it does not guarantee delivery on that date and is not liable for any loss resulting from late delivery. Nor does it guarantee that the ordered or requested quantity of goods is delivered. As a small business any online orders may, on rare occasions, exceed stock on hand and WhiskyRocks reserves the right to either deliver once stock has arrived from our producer at no extra delivery cost, or to refund any amount outstanding.

Alcohol deliveries cannot be made to PO boxes or anywhere outside of Australia. In the instance that the recipient has provided incorrect or out-of-date details, WhiskyRocks is not liable for incorrect or unclaimed delivery.

WhiskyRocks offers the opportunity to provide delivery instructions to have goods left at point of delivery. All efforts will be made to ensure these instructions are followed but it must be clear that the customer takes on this option at their own risk.

Alcoholic goods will NOT be delivered to persons under the age of 18 years and WhiskyRocks may request that the person who receives the goods provide satisfactory evidence of proof of age.

WhiskyRocks must be notified of damage caused to goods during shipping, within 3 days of delivery. Replacement of goods will be coordinated by WhiskyRocks provided there is satisfactory evidence damage was caused during transit (Photo evidence may be requested).