Dram Strong Whisky Pack

$67.00 incl. GST

Australian craft distilleries are making some of the very best whisky in the world.  Inspired by Scottish methods but not held to them by tradition, Aussie distillers have the freedom to get creative and experiment with their whisky making methods.  This pack brings you a curated selection of 3 x 30ml cask strength whiskies with an ABV of 55% or above.

Included Whiskies:

  • Overeem Distillery:  Port Cask Matured – Single Malt, Distillers Strength (60% ABV)
  • Mountain Distilling:  Single Malt – Red Gum Matured (58% ABV)
  • WhiskyRocks Private Bottling: “Discovery” Pre-Release #1 – Single Malt (54% ABV)

WhiskyRocks uses the a state of the art bottling facility to fill our bottles.  Every bottle is filled with the correct measurement as stated on the bottle.

NB: the whisky pack shown in the product pic is for display purposes only and may not picture the correct whiskies indicated above.

Featuring the following Aussie Whiskies with an ABV of 54% or over :

Overeem Distillery:  Port Cask Matured – Single Malt, Distillers Strength (60% ABV)

Bold and robust, yet still exceptionally elegant and refined, this multi-award winning single malt offers layers of complexities on the nose with salted caramel, burnt butterscotch and orange peel then spiced dried fruit sweet toffee and candied orange on the palate and a long lasting finish of sweet chewy caramels and light spice

Mountain Distilling:  Single Malt – Red Gum Matured (58% ABV)

What could make a whisky more Australian than to age it in red gum cask. Herbaceous, spicy smoked nose with aromas of caramel, burnt wood and hedgerow. Peat comes through well on the palate and balances the flavours of prunes, Christmas spice and pear, brightened by a hint of citrus

WhiskyRocks Private Bottling: “Discovery” Pre-Release #1 – Single Malt (54% ABV)

A snapshot on this whisky’s evolution. The amber caramel tint of this young single malt crafted from a lager malt belies the richness to come. A very deep and multi-layered nose evolves and evokes strawberry liquorice, salted toffee popcorn, shortbread, figs and dates, butter menthol and oil of clove at the end. The palate brings a whole new dimension of green, herbaceous taste to start. Indian spices: cardamom and clove with mineral notes and a slight bramble jam/preserve towards the finish. Thick mouthfeel, sweet to start but fades very quickly to dry finish. 54% ABV

Spirit from the still is nearly always filled into casks at 63.5%. During maturation the alcohol content drops by 0.5% to 1% per year (called the angel’s share). This varies due to natural factors, so casks end up with a different alcohol content.

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