Aussie Craft Whisky Goodies Bundle

$65.00 incl. GST

It’s common knowledge that many dads enjoy a dram or two – and what better way to show your love & appreciation of your father, dad, bonus dad, or father figure than with our Father’s Day Whisky Goodies Bundle.

He may say he loves you all equally but this pack screams favourite child with it’s Intro to Aussie Whisky Pack, whisky stones and a bit of fun with WhiskyRocks Socks.

All packed up and delivered to your door.

All you need to do wrap it, write a card and that’s your Father’s Day sorted.




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This Pack includes:

1 x WhiskyRocks Intro to Aussie (3 x 30ml bottles of Australian Craft whisky)

1 x Whisky Rocks Ice Stones x 9

1 x WhiskyRocks Whisky Socks

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