Spieglelau Double Old Fashioned Glasses + Ice Balls Tray

$89.95 incl. GST

Spiegelau has created the perfect series for those who want to raise the bar in their lives.

With help from internationally renowned mixologist Stephan Hinz, the Perfect Serve Collection are expertly sized to accommodate every cocktail, whether classic, inventive, or whimsical, so now you too can bring a little bit of bar culture into your home.

This pack contains two Speigelau Double Old Fashioned glasses and one double ice ball tray.


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2 x D.O.F. glasses
Size: 100 mm
Capacity: 368 ml
Diameter: 86 mm
1 x giant ice cube tray for 2 ice balls
Length: 168 mm
Width: 73 mm
Height: 65 mm

1 set contains 3 items

Material: Crystal

Machine-made and dishwasher safe.

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