Premium Aussie Whisky Gift Bundle

$129.00 incl. GST

The WhiskyRocks Premium Whisky Gift Bundle contains everything you need to enjoy the perfect whisky sipping session.

Sit back and enjoy our premium selection of 100% Australian Single Malt whiskies, a two pack of Reidel Whisky Glasses to sip them from, whisky stones to keep your whisky cool and a bit of fun with WhiskyRocks Socks.

All packed up and delivered to your door.





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This Pack includes:

1 x WhiskyRocks Premium Single Malt Tasting Pack (3 x 30ml bottles of Australian Craft Single Malt whisky)

1 x Reidel Whisky Neat Glasses

1 x Whisky Rocks Ice Stones x 9

1 x Whisky Rocks Whisky Socks

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