WhiskyRocks Gift Card

Make a whisky lover’s day with a WhiskyRocks Gift Card. Gift them what they really want, locally crafted, incredible Australian whisky!


Receive a $20 gift card when you purchase a $100 gift card for friends or family

Please note: no refunds allowed on gift cards



Once you select the value of the card you want, you will be asked to provide some information to complete the process:

1.    The recipient’s email address.

2.    Who the voucher is from (the sender’s details).

3.    A message for the recipient. (Only add the gift message on the gift card product page. There is no need to add a gift message on the checkout page.)

5.    The date and time the voucher must be delivered.

The gift voucher will be sent automatically to the recipient at the date and time specified, with instructions on how to redeem it.

Only orders for vouchers that are fully paid or approved will be sent to recipients.

You do not have to manually print or send the gift voucher, as WhiskyRocks will automatically manage this process for you. Recipients can redeem gift vouchers at checkout on whiksyrocks.com.au.

Any credit not used in a shopping session will remain as a credit on their account.

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