WhiskyRocks Private Bottling – Discovery #1 – Single Malt America and French Oak

DistilleryWhiskyRocks Private Bottling
StyleSingle Malt
FlavourFruit & Nut, Fruit & Spice

A snapshot on this whisky’s evolution. The amber caramel tint of this young single malt crafted from a lager malt belies the richness to come. A very deep and multi-layered nose evolves and evokes strawberry liquorice, salted toffee popcorn, shortbread, figs and dates, butter menthol and oil of clove at the end. The palate brings a whole new dimension of green, herbaceous taste to start. Indian spices: cardamom and clove with mineral notes and a slight bramble jam/preserve towards the finish. Thick mouthfeel, sweet to start but fades very quickly to dry finish. 54% ABV

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